Selene Koster is a former student of the Milan Art Institute. She gained her passion of the fine art by studying the fundamentals of oil painting and drawing. Since embarking within the Mastery program, Selene has developed the skill, dedication, and artistic touch to elevate herself into the world of fine art.

As a student and disciple of the art, every day is filled with wonder and amazement, and every new experience becoming a muse for her canvas. Like a flower in springs first bloom, Selene blossoms with each paint splatter and drip, becoming stronger, more beautiful in her element.

She finds inspiration from the world around us, the animals that walk among us. From the grazing deer, to a school of koi, watching them brings feelings of awe and admiration to her soul. Her heart leaps as colors fly across the canvas, trying to capture the raw connection she has with these majestic creatures.

Selene is happily married to her husband David, who is a writer and her number one fan. They work side by side, expressing their hearts in story and image, encouraging the other far beyond what they alone could accomplish. This personal connection mimics that of her pieces: unique, expressive, and filled with unfathomable love and admiration for the others accomplishments.

Selene loves to share her vision with her followers. Whether through opening various galleries wherever her work can be shown, or in the homes of those that feel the same connections she does. No matter the journey, no matter the struggle, the beauty of each moment is reflected in Selene's paintings.